Management oversight, operational services and strategic planning for BBE is provided via the management services agreement with A.C.T. Energy Management, Inc.  A.C.T. was formed in 2006 by C.J. Arnold, Al Bean and Tommie Horsley (deceased) to provide management services and expertise for the successful operation of public gas systems. Specifically, A.C.T. was engaged to guide the development of Clarke-Mobile Counties Gas District and, subsequently Black Belt Energy Gas District, into world class organizations providing low cost gas distribution and gas supply and energy services to their respective customers. 

A.C.T. Energy management

Charles "CJ" Arnold

Mr. Arnold has 36 years in the energy industry which began in early 1981 with United Gas Pipeline Company where he was involved in the Operations Division. During his time at United he was involved in all phases of pipeline operations and management of the Lake Charles area before leaving in 1998. He then worked overseas, commissioning oil and gas production and refining facilities as they were designed and built as well performing technical writing. Following, Mr. Arnold started Kel-Ar Consulting to provide Gas Accounting services to downstream end users such as industrial users of energy and municipal distribution systems. This included metering, all phases of gas accounting, software systems and engineering. Through this company Mr. Arnold developed relationships with several entities and companies such as Clarke-Mobile Counties Gas District and the Louisiana Municipal Gas Authority, SEGAS, and many others which ultimately led to his forming ACT Energy Management with Mr. Al Bean and Managing Clarke-Mobile Counties Gas District. In 2007, Mr. Arnold was part of the team that formed and now manages, along with Mr. Bean, Black Belt Energy. 


Neal Grimes

Special Projects

Areas of responsibility include facilities design, engineering coordination, project
estimations, contract review, support management in project assessment, project oversight. 


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Black Belt Energy supervisors


 Mike Brown
Assists management in the recruitment of new customers and retainage of existing customers as well as site selection work for potential new industrial interest. 


Kelly Henry
Graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Prior to working for Black Belt Energy, she had experience in public accounting as an auditor and working mainly with governmental/fund accounting clients and financial institution clients. Kelly entered the natural gas industry in 2007 when she went to work for Clarke-Mobile Counties Gas District. In 2011 she transferred from CMC Gas to BBE, given her involvement with and knowledge of the company since its inception in 2008. Kelly manages the financial department for BBE in addition to the natural gas accounting and balancing for the Louisiana Municipal Gas Authority, which consists of over 70 cities and 12 pipelines. 


Mike Sasser
Areas of responsibility include Operations and Maintenance procedures, Operator Qualification (OQ) Program, Computer Based Training (CBT) system administrator, Distribution Integrity Management Plan, Integrity Management Plan (transmission), Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program, OSHA training and compliance, Public Awareness Program, Damage Prevention Program, Liaison to governmental regulatory agencies, Emergency Plan, Hazard Communication (HazCom) training and compliance, and Special Projects. 


Brenda Graddy
Areas of responsibility include, scheduling of monthly/daily gas supplies from supply points to delivery points, maintaining storage of gas supplies, managing daily/monthly imbalances, tracking and maintaining all contracts between pipeline and customers and seeing jobs through to completion while ensuring all stipulations are met. 


Matthew McKinley
Matthew graduated in 2007 with a degree in accounting and a Master’s Degree in Business. After working as an auditor and banking consultant, he completed his CPA license. Outside of his time in public accounting, he has 7 years of experience in the Natural Gas Industry. 


Clausell Boykin
Area of responsibilities include Locating Pipelines for Alabama one call as needed, Patrol for Encroachment on pipelines & row, Review aerial Patrol reports, Annual CP report review by NACE, CP Maintenance & Commutation with rectifiers, Leak survey on pipelines, ROW signs on pipeline, Weed control at regulator & meter stations and Valve maintenance. 


Allen Parker
Responsible for the Gas Control Office, which monitors the flow rates and pressures of nominated / scheduled gas twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 


Eddie Buck
Areas of responsibility include installation, operations, and maintenance of Electronic Flow Measurement, Lost and Unaccounted Gas, Pressure Regulation, Odorization. Specification, design, installation, and maintenance of Industrial and Commercial metering, and regulating stations. 


W Shane Thomas, P.E.
Areas of responsibility include regulator and meter design, system mapping, project
Estimations, permit coordination and special projects organization. 

Scheduling & Marketing

Martha has 27 years in the energy industry which began in 1989 with Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company (Arkla) where she was involved in the Gas Operations area of the distribution business unit. During her time at Arkla she was involved in many of the back office functions in the Louisiana/Texas division – administration, dispatch, customer service, meter reading, service, measurement, leak survey records, etc. Later, as manager of the customer service group she coordinated the consolidation and integration of calls into a central call center. She then worked on the project to plan and implement SAP’s Customer Care module for the distribution companies across what is now CenterPoint Energy, then managed a group who was responsible for data related to customer installations across the CNP Arkla distribution system. In 2000, she transferred to CNP Pipeline business unit as a marketer for pipeline customer software, then moved into a manager role in the transmission customer support area that handled nomination support, invoicing, and compliance. In 2005, she was a key manager in the creation and implementation of the Customer Excellence program, then managed this department responsible for planning, analyzing, managing, and measuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty for gas transmission. This included writing, conducting, and follow up of customer surveys, implementation of customer relationship software, and development and delivery of employee training related to customer interaction. From 2008-2015, Martha was Director of Measurement Services for CenterPoint Energy Pipeline, responsible for analysts who monitored, analyzed, edited measurement data from several thousand points across 6 states. Other responsibilities included tracking, reporting, and mitigating lost and unaccounted for gas, reporting for operations and management to assist with modeling and decision making for projects/replacements/regulatory filings, as well as ensuring compliance with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) regulations, and company procedures as they related to measurement.